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Registered Shetland Sheep, Fiber, and handmade crafts

The Shepherdesses

Montana bought her first two sheep for a 4-H project, under the condition that there would only ever be two on the farm. Unfortunately, or very fortunately, both mother and daughter fell in love with the breed and raising sheep. Carol, who studied textiles in college and worked as part of New York's fashion scene for several years, easily picked up spinning, weaving, and knitting. She is the fiber-powerhouse of the farm, spending almost every evening peddling away at her spinning wheel or processing the raw fleece. The mother and daughter pair attend livestock and fiber festivals around the North East: including the Eastern States Exposition and Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival. If you're ever at the Eastern States, look out for our educational display that features Shetlands, we're always there during wool week.

Take a look below at our brood ewes and the farm blog!


The Brood Ewes

Hythe Thizbee


Thizbee, or Izzy as she is fondly called. We have two blood lines on the farm, and she is the foundation of one of them. Her fleece won champion primitive fleece at Rhinebeck in 2015. Many of her offspring and grand-lambs have gone on to win competitions. 

Wildair Eloise


Eloise is a gray gulmoget ewe and was the first lamb born on the farm. Her personality is bigger than her fleece; which has a staple length of 10in. 

D: Hythe Thizbee; S: RF Vaughan

Grand Champion Ewe: 4-H Fair 2012

Champion Shetland Ewe: Big E 2012

Champion Shetland: Topsfield Fair 2012

Wildair Melody


Melody represents our other blood line and is the lamb of Izzy's half sister, Hythe Trilbee. Melody has a baa that is most decidedly not melodious. But she has a beautiful cream fiber and has produced some of our best fleeces. 

D: Hythe Thizbee; S: RF Vaughan

Wildair Rosie


Rosie is the farm shadow, following you around until due attention is paid (in the form of scratches or snacks). This sweet lady has a wonderful, long and wavy fleece. She is a shaela gulmoget. 

D: Wildair Eloise; S: Freddy's Mocha

Best Headed Shetland: NEYSS 2014

Champion Ewe: Bolton Fair 2014

Wildair Margery


Margery has a striking black and white face. Her soft gray fleece, of medium crimp, won best fleece at the Big E. 

D: Wildair Melody; S: Bellweather Bard

Best Fleece: Big E 2015

Champion Shetland Ewe: Topsfield Fair 2015 & 2016

Champion Shetland Ewe: Big E 2016

Wildair Fanny


Fanny is a constant character. She is also a shaela gulmoget and has a dense, woolen fleece. Her breed character is excellent and her sire is from Maple Ridge Farm: the original shetland flock in the U.S. 

D: Wildair Eloise; S: Maple Ridge Finnigan

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